Tuesday, August 01, 2017

My First Day In Sansar....

My first day in Sansar (it opened to the public as beta this morning). My name here is also Ziggy Starsmith.
It loaded for me instantly and was very simple to pick an noob avatar and do some custom tweaks on face and hair and clothing. It took me about 10 minutes to get up and running. The load times depend ,I think on how many peeps are there. I was not using a VR headset but navigated just like in SL. The camera is low and follows just behind the avatar.
To be honest it impressed me more than I expected and for a loner explorer like myself I can see myself really enjoying this. It is like when you first discovered Second Life in 2006 or whenever.
The graphics are fantastic, no lag and the noob walk is not terrible. Sure everything is limited right now but I know it will evolve fast once people get here.
To me it seems like the difference between Sansar and SL is the fact that Sansar is much more geared towards creative people who love to tweak, design and create. It was very social with crowds gathered and talking. Very much early days of SL. I found Sansar absolutely intriguing and I can see it taking off more than I first thought. Designers and decorators and landscapers will fall in love once things develop more.
The "marketplace" is easy to navigate and very quality products already for sale.
I heard people chatting on voice and typing in local chat box.
On the dark side, lack of stuff to do and lack of some faithful settings made me still long to log back into comforting, old Second Life.
Expect a lot more to come from me here in Sansar.....

Legendary Furry Sim "Luskwood" in Sansar. The very beginnings....

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