Saturday, August 05, 2017

More Fun In Sansar...

Took some time today to explore Sansar some more.
After spending time on Second Life beforehand I found Sansar very clunky and lost patience quickly lol.
I think I might wait another month and then check again if there are any updates or improvements because walking was frustrating for me after the smooth ease of SL and the fact I can't sit or easily move camera also frustrated me. I know it's beta so I wait patiently but at least it is there to tinker with while still developing (just like early Second Life)
I got stuck on a landing because there is no jumping or running yet and could not stop over the curb.
Also since opening day I am finding Sansar deserted even on a busy Saturday afternoon/evening.
I hope the novelty has not worn off yet already for people.
I am using desktop mode and understand VR mode is more advanced and easier.
Once again though I found myself instantly longing to return into the warm, comforting familiarity of Second Life.

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