Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The White Fox....Fox On The Run!

...So I ended this blog last December 2016 because I was bored of blogging endless stuff that I felt was repeating things I had already done and blogged about before. I also was making a drastic change to my Second Life in terms of avatar appearance, circle of friends which seemed to have drifted apart and scattered throughout private sims and maybe to never be seen again.
I went platinum blond with a new mesh avatar from Jomo and changed my name from Ziggy to Phoenix. I moved to a large plot of land on the Mainland and did alot of exploring and other hermit like activities. I lived in a treehouse. I took a few long sabbaticals from Second Life.
I was happy and had fun but once again as in the past, my inner furry cried out to be released....
Second Pride came and I attended as my blond Phoenix persona and day after day I came to realize that I hated almost all the music that was being played by the DJ's and I also realized that for me the gay community held nothing of interest for me. The rainbow flag has been so done over the decades I could not bear to wear anything with the rainbow on it so in my discreet way I rebelled and mostly wore all white lol.
When Pride was over I put blond Phoenix to bed and returned to my old personas of the dark haired avatar and my "punk Skunk" furry avatar and switched name back to Ziggy. I sold my mainland plot and moved back into a somewhat free, Linden House again. Took more time off Second Life.
Again the 10 year itch of being in Second Life for a long time returned and I was so fucking bored. I felt I had seen and done it all and had absolutely no interest in the gay lifestyle and club scene of Second Life (as also in real life). I attempted a new blog but thought why? I can just carry on this one as Ziggy again (which I am now doing lol). There is some new SL stuff happening with Bento and Sansar and I wanted to also start documenting this brave, new world.
While exploring I came across a beautiful avatar of a white fox. It was pure mesh and pure Bento and was from Jomo, the same as my Phoenix avatar so I was familiar with the huds and which clothing would easily fit the mesh body.
I bought the white Bento Fox avatar and decided for now at least ( I change my mind so much, I know your rolling your eyes) to be a new furry persona and design him with all the best features I liked from each of my old avatars: Dark Haired Ziggy, Blond Haired Phoenix and my furry Punk Skunk.
I quit all my "gay" groups besides the furry clubs and now I only go to "rock and roll" and "Blues" clubs. Rock and Roll is the music I love and was raised on and so those kind of places would be my new stomping grounds. I discovered great clubs such as "Muddys Blues Club" and "Fogbound Blues Club" as well as my old furry favorite "GYC" and "Yiff". They have some great rock DJ's that never play the same old gay stuff and although mainly straight and mixed clientele crowds, they are all very friendly people. A fresh, new crowd of people to maybe get to know. It was fresh and vibrant and did not seem like a mob of mesh, bento Zombies all half naked and looking like they are all related.
No offense peeps but your all starting to look exactly alike and all my friends faces are gone and replaced with winking, gum chewing clones with smiles on their faces which make them appear as if they recently escaped from an insane asylum as serial killers.
Don't get me wrong, I wear mesh and Bento but you must admit it has taken away alot of the creativity of the average Joe avatar and also alot of fun of being able to build and create.
Many of us are subjected to standing alone on a ban lined, private sim with nothing to do but tinker with our avatars in very narcissistic, singular, anti-social manner and do nothing for 6 hours at a time.
The Second Life, Gay Scene is seriously in danger of becoming one great, big mob of clones and with the introduction of mesh the shopping experience has become very limited in what we can wear or make ourselves as far as creating. (Many great designers could not grasp the talent of mesh and have since gone out of business).
Of coarse I am still gay but to me the gay scene was never my scene. It bored me to tears.
One really great incident while at the GYC furry club was that I bumped into a very sexy wolf who I have known since 2008 or so and has been a major character in and out of this blog throughout the bare footed buddy: Butch Diavolo.  Butch has also tapped into his "fursona" and seems to have come out of his "shell" alot more if you catch my innuendo lol...He is a big, beautiful, sexy Werewolf.
So another Ziggy rant has come and gone and the blog is back again.
Who knows where it will lead and when it might end again lol. Yup I am indecisive and nuts!
Sue me ;-)
Hope you like my new "White Fox" fursona!


Matt M. said...

Welcome back to blogging! Love the JOMO fox, I need to wear it more, but I need to buy more clothes for it. Can't go nekkid everywhere. xD See ya around SL!

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Thanx for your comments buddy. I found a ton of clothes that fit from all makers but just try the demo's first.