Sunday, January 01, 2017

All Is Quiet On New Years Day...

Happy New Years Day
This year I got up early on New Years Day and went to Calas Galadhon to enjoy the sounds of nature, laughing, playing children and far away chatter from a group of skaters out on the frozen pond.
Then a wonderful ride on my horse before a short, frigid, kayak trip home.
Hope 2017 is a great year for everybody.
2017 will also mark the end of this blog for good this time as I fly away off into the sunset.
2007 - 2016 my blogging has run it's coarse and documents the golden years of Second Life as it was....time to spread my wings.
Special thanks to: Dazza12 Slade, Vanyel Gazov, Ryuu Hoisan, Kyle Beckett, Larz Kas, Holter, Guyke Lundquist, Bock McMillan, Eddie Haskell, Naked Carl,  Dalton Cole, Drey Messmer and Jesse.

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