Monday, November 14, 2016

Ziggy Explores the new virtual world of High Fidelity.

High Fidelity

I took an extra special adventure today and rezzed into Philip Rosedale's (formerly Philip Linden) new virtual world called High Fidelity. I logged in as Ziggy and had an avatar but was not seeing much to post about yet. These pics I posted are from the website which seemed to promise me an new exciting place however I found not much besides a few primitive buildings. I took several pictures and after logging out found that they never saved.  I found the interface very user unfriendly unless your a builder geek etc. Not for a casual user. Mind you it is still new and being developed but saw no promise of what the pictures seem to promise. I could easily move around and look around. I did not need one of those bloody, cumbersome goggles.
Believe me, after seeing this I am very confident that Second Life is not going nowhere for a long time to come still unless Sansar blows our socks off. It does not look promising though as I heard that High Fidelity is ahead of Sansar in terms of a finished, usable beta.
I am not saying "blaaaaaaaaa" but just saying it is not ready at all for the general public.
By the way...the avatars look nothing like the pictures. They look like a noob, mesh, SL avatar still.

After a while I tried fooling around with some of the buttons on the toolbar and it gave me several view options but nothing to actually customize the avatar or see any type of inventory.
The final straw came when I clicked a button which filled my whole desktop screen black and no way to escape or see any menu to get out of it rather than to turn off my computer with the power button.
Not good.
Now I know when it comes to tek stuff I am absolutely useless but I think many common users are too and this kind of thing can really frustrate some poor little elderly lady looking to play in a virtual world. They might think it broke their computer.
Again it is beta, all new and just beginning but not ready yet at all. Stick with Second Life for another few months.

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