Sunday, November 06, 2016

Just Another Rez Day!

Wow my 7th Rez day as Ziggy. (Originally on SL since 2007).
I still remember the boring Sunday afternoon, sitting at real life work, so slow that I was tinkering on the work computer, thinking of changing to a really cool name from what I originally had at the time. I always wanted Ziggy Stardust so in my mind I had Ziggy all settled on so at the time, Linden Labs still had the last names option so I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the last name Starsmith.
I quickly began signing up the the name of Ziggy Starsmith, thinking it would be already taken....but no it was not taken and bingo, I got it. All mine!!!!
I logged in as Ziggy and discreetly went to clubs and party's, keeping a low profile to see if anyone caught on who I was. Within an hour I was at a party and there was my friend Zim Gunsberg and Zann Baxton.
Zim Im'd me and asked if I was Rhett. (My avatar at the time was Rhett Whybrow). He seemed to know just by my appearance and clothing style that I was an alt of Rhett.
Zim told me he had said to Zann Baxton, "check out that 'toon, bet he is Rhett!" lol, wow he was good! I had nothing to hide so of coarse I told them I was Rhett and trying this new avatar,
Same day I got to talking to Dextrum Boucher and Dex blurted out...."Are you Rhett". I confessed lol. Dex gave me a new Pillow biters bed for my new avatar.
Long story short, I took the plunge and began being Ziggy more and more and when I had an issue over land tier the Lindens banned my Rhett avatar so I had no choice but to stay Ziggy. I did not hide and it was no secret as I informed all my friends who I now was.
The rest of the story fills up this horrific blog from Day 1....

So today is my rezz day and there will be no big party's or celebrations but simply me doing what I normally do. (I have never had a single rezz day party ever.)

On this day I have also decided to change my name back to Ziggy rather than Spyder.

Below: Ziggy Starsmith 2009

Below: Spyder (Ziggy) Nov 5th, 2016


Carl Gee said...

Congrats Ziggy

Kyle Lambert said...

Happy Rez Day my friend! :-D You know the name "Spyder" and you attached to it still revs my engine! :-D But Ziggy is YOU and that revs my engine too! :-D

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Thanx guys.