Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Good Things

Some great news from the Linden's these past few weeks as they unleashed a generous amount of extra prims for everybody. First was the Linden Homes and Mainland. The Linden Homes went from 117 prims available to a better 175 prims. The private islands gained 20,000 extra prims and Homesteads 500 extra prims I believe.
The Lindens did great. I am very impressed.
With the extra prims there will be a new explosion of builds with better detail and things.
After spending some time lately watching Insilico prepare to vanish and then for the 2nd or 3rd time get a reprieve and hang in limbo, perhaps to remain after all...
I needed some greenery and an escape from beaches, apocalyptic cities and nuked wastelands for a while so I packed up my back pack and headed to...where favorite sim...The Misty Mountains at Calas Galadhon for some camping, hiking and recharging before Christmas gets here and carries us off into 2017....
If your looking for me I will be back in the forest for awhile.

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