Sunday, October 23, 2016

Second life: The Story So Far - I Am The Spyder....

I have now changed my name on Second Life to Spyder Starsmith because I am sick of being compared to a dead, yet legendary rock star lol...
I originally rezzed into Second Life for the first time on November 25th, 2007 as Rex Short. I had no clue what to do for the first 3 months and explored. I discovered many things I loved that made me addicted to SL and making it so I couldn't wait to log on every day.
Vibrant packed party's and clubs and of coarse pixel sex.
Seating areas at places had groups of people sitting and chatting, activity all over the sims.
I loved clubs but the people and clubs dwindled away and closed. The club scene changed and now with a few exceptions is often a ghost town of 4 or 5 people.
I took to motorcycles but the new mesh and pathfinding features that came along lagged that so bad I gave up.
I loved horseback riding and especially sailing but sim crossings seemed to get worse (especially on weekends) and after crashing many times in row one day, I too lost interest in attempting to sail.
I was part of some clubs openings etc, I been partnered to some nice men and it seems I have seen and done it all on SL.
Now it seems I do not log on as much. The addiction to race home to log on is gone. Maybe I am jaded but SL has change alot.
For an old timer on SL like me I think the best glory days of SL are behind us. The new people do not know any better of the good times and legendary parties and crowds that once were standard.
Now SL has many areas with people just standing alone for hours in one spot or dancing  without speaking like the house of wax. It is very rare to find fun, conversations at clubs now. I will mention some clubs that still seem to do it right and draw crowds....Blow Buddies, Club Blu, Club Engine and a few others that escape my mind right now.
Many people never leave their sims which are all ban-lined up like Fort Knox to keep people from stealing their prims. The social aspect is gone now too with rare exceptions!
Now that I cannot reliably motorbike or sail what is left?
I have been attending clubs again. A new generation has matured on SL. New DJ's, new people. Not as vibrant as in the past but it is slowly getting there again...maybe!
One sneaky thing I have noticed though is the fact that I check the map for a new club and see 13 people dots and when I TP there I see the DJ, The Host and a dancer and I am the only avatar non-staff there and sometimes for the whole 2 hour party. Clubs using bots in the sky to appear crowded and popular. More use of sneaky, creepy alts. I loved this one club but stopped going because week after week this situation kept occurring and while there the DJ constantly gestured wildly until I had a migraine.
Maybe the end is near so until then I still log on and fantasize like I did 9 years ago........just not as much now!
I deleted my 2 alt accounts...Valiant Thor I deleted 6 months ago and my original avatar named Rex Short I deleted yesterday. Ziggy is my only avatar and account now. I do not need others.
Now SL is dying and has been for a while, it’s a ghost town, TP around on the map and you will notice most of the groups of dots are traffic bots, unless there’s a shopping event. Most of the sims seem empty, great builds are being taken offline because the number of visitors are dropping to near zero, while LL still happily charges 300$ USD a month to keep a simulator online (which probably doesn’t cost them more than 50$ USD). 

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