Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Walking With Dinosaurs at Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms...

I been spending my last few days role playing as a Velociraptor dinosaur at fantastic, new place called Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms.
The area consists of 3 sims. In my opinion it the best place I have seen in Second Life to capture real, true fun and adventure as well as making you shit your pants the first time a massive dinosaur charges you. lol
I wrote a while back about missing the old Grendels Children sims but this place is a fine, updated replacement and absolutely the best place for prehistoric role play.
When you arrive you land in the main shop which consists of dozens of fabulous, huge, ferocious, mesh dinosaurs for sale. They are perfectly made and animated. I chose the Raptor.
You do not need to be a dinosaur to explore here but no weapons or magic huds or vehicles are allowed or you will be ejected.
You walk through a great hall to a teleporter that takes you back in time and you have many terrains and atmospheres to explore from deep jungle to vast plains and canyons as well as deep underwater caverns. There is a vender nearby that has a free dinosaur avatar if you wish with full AO.
You will come across a variety of huge dinosaurs and they can and do attack. The first time I heard a louder than loud growl and heard the ground thunder it scared me lol.
The avatars eat, drink, make a hell of a noise, tremble the ground and even poop and lay eggs.
I will not ruin anymore surprise so you can see for yourself if you dare. Watch out for packs of raptors. I hooked up with a few other raptor avi's and we hunted in a pack and roleplayed as real dinosaurs. No speaking just acting and reacting. Easy to relax and get lost in the fantasy for a few hours to forget the real world for awhile.
To me, this is what Second Life is all about and why I joined in the first place before being sidetracked into bars and clubs and cliques and drama over the years. I have gone back in time, so to speak!

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