Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Someday: My Home On The Blake Sea

For the past month and a half now I have been living at this wonderful place in the Blake Sea called "SOMEDAY". This beautiful sim(s) was built and run by Petra Rosen my landlord. 
As you can see by the various pictures, this place is built on beautiful, beach land yet contains several, small micro environments within. Great community areas for gathering with friends and a gorgeous cafe "St Nicholas Isle" which offers a quiet, scenic place for a tea or coffee and meal which you can sail up to and park with your boat while travelling the Blake Sea central area. It is also a massive piece of art when viewed from a distance in the sky. There are great details here and great locations for photo's. Just watching the boats go by makes a great pastime.
There is a small, ferry boat which takes passengers across a small inlay of water.
There is a little stone path which runs the full length of the island on a hill top and dotted along each side are larger, sandy beach plots of land for rent if your interested in a bigger space right on the water with full access directly into the heart of The Blake Sea.
Remember when visiting that the homes here are private, residential spaces and please do not go rampaging through people's personal spaces.
There are many styles of homes available for rent here as well from 2 lighthouses, a windmill home, a barn and several various sized, beach houses and huts. My home is the last few pictures filmed during the night time. My buddy Fynn Starr moved into one of the light houses and hopefully I can get some more friends to move here and build up the already vibrant community here. This area is also very furry friendly.
Take the landmark below and have a visit and see if you find your new, beach home here. Petra is a wonderful landlord and always helpful and goes above and beyond to help.
Each house comes with a place to moor your boat and extra prims are available at a low upgrade cost if you want more prims. For instance my hut came with 60 prims and I upgraded to 200 prims depending what is available.

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