Sunday, July 03, 2016

Fourth Annual Blake Sea Raft Up: An Ultimate Party On The Blake Sea - Crowsnest

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016 was Gay Pride Day in my hometown but I have been to dozens and seen it all before and was not in the mood to spend the entire day, crushed in a hot crowd in humid temperatures, standing and watching a 3 hour parade. I decided to do the next best thing and glad I did because it turned out to be one of the best, party's I have ever attended in Second Life and this trumped even Second Pride.
I sailed my sailboat over to the Fourth, Annual, Blake Sea, Raft Up Party which was also a fundraiser for cancer.
What could be better than a 5 hour party, dancing with friends on a sailboat in the middle of the Blake Sea with hot music and fun and drama free!
I started out with Larz Kas and my alt Rex Short (to drive the boat if we got too drunk) and slowly over the next 5 hours were joined by some of our fabulous friends: Fynn Star, Dex Moleno, Kyle Lambert, Greg Ducatillion, Ara Starr, Tyree and a few others including our neighboring yacht friend named Achilles Audion who ate the hash brownies and got silly with us! ;-)
Also some friends in attendance were Mia Telling from Second Norway and other "long time no see" friends and acquaintances.
Joy Canadeo was the first DJ on the scene and absolutely floored us with great, songs. Party songs, sing along songs, the kind we love to party too and not some obscure mix of something. Songs that have transcended time and space and not some "newest, impressive" avant garde stuff. Joy was wonderful and kicked off the day and night. She was a great DJ. She used to be my landlord and I never knew she was this good a DJ hahahahaha.
I had a fantastic time also with my new, neighbor and furry/human friend Fynn Starr.
We all literally danced until we were hungry and exhausted and the party ended and despite a few crashes in the middle of the party it was an excellent time....
We sailed to my beach hut and feasted on barb Q consisting of bacon, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, beer, bacon and more pizza.
What a memorable Sunday with wonderful people.

Below: DJ Joy Canadeo

Video Of The Week: Not a rock song this week lol but one of the "party tunes" played at the Raft Up Party that shows what party music should be....upbeat, fun and wild...

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