Friday, June 24, 2016

Second Pride 2016: My Last Day

Second Pride this year ends on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 but today (Friday) was my last day to enjoy before heading back to my grueling, real life work schedule. DJ Jynxx and Host Barbie began on the main stage for my day and by far was my favorite DJ at Second Pride this year. She played "songs" that went over well and people knew, old and young and were putting everyone in a  party mode. She was also great fun with the teasing, back and forth banter that went on between everybody especially with Butch Diavolo, Dalton Cole and Myself in open chat! Many ROFL moments.
Also the first time I saw Bock McMillan in the flesh for a very long time.
After her set we walked, flew and teleported to the South Stage for Regi Yiffu who also entertained the masses and treated everybody to some great gifts including the infamous sex driftwood. Mine wore out centuries ago so a new one came at the perfect time hehehehe.
I met more friends old and new and danced with the ever handsome sexy couple, Eon Starfall and Jaspar Recreant. I am admitting right now that I watched their asses as they danced and all together we admitted that added together our asses have sailed hundreds of Blake Sea miles.
Right before I had to go the cute and sexy Ethan Lucas arrived and gave more much enjoyed eye candy. I promised to take him sailing soon.
This years Pride had no parade and I must admit I missed that part very much as it did not feel like it was officially Second pride with no parade. This year was labelled "Back To Basics" but I wish it had a bit more. There was no displays like yesteryear or much to see or do besides dancing at the 2 stages.
I missed things like quilt making they had a few years back and numerous displays etc.
A real problem I noticed though was not Pride itself but some of the new breed of people that come to the party's. Sometimes it seems like everyone was away from their keyboards and at times no one said a word in chat or reacted. Sometimes, not all the time!
This seems to be a Second Life epidemic all over the grid however and not limited to Second pride.
Since perhaps 2010 a whole new Second Life era has come to pass where people no longer gather together and chat or meet new groups of people. Everyone has scattered to their private sims where they stay with just a select group of friends. Very singular.
Yes I am dating myself but the SL 2010 and before used to find people gathering more in public places to sit and chat and meet new friends. Many places now are ghost towns unless their is a party or event happening. This is a shame and slowly killing this virtual world.
Some great stuff this year was that in fact Boystown made a great return to Second pride and provided a great set of opening night party's. DJ Ritch and Zann especially perked the crowds nipples and also I saw a large amount of furries come out to all the party's this year as opposed to last year and this is great to have so much diversity and all walks of gay, Second Life included.
Every club, every day should be this diverse and unified.

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