Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Second Pride 2016: Butch TuTu Edition (Wed., June 22, 2016)

Three days off work finally and time for some really serious Second Pride festivities.
I was accosted immediately as I logged in-world by the ever barefooted Butch Diavolo who could not control himself as he pranced and sashayed his way around the dance floor with his filthy bare feet stained from the cobblestone dance floor.
I am still astounded by the furry population making a big presence this year.
Every hour a new or old friend makes an appearance and that is what I love the most about Second Pride every year. It brings out people from all corners of the community, gay, lesbian, straight, bi and trans.
Also danced with Dalton Cole, Kyle Lambert, Kharissa Indigo and of coarse Butch who had to be thrice warned that if he thought he was going to walk all over my clean hardwood floors with those filthy feet of his, he best think again!

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Bock McMillan said...

O.M.F.G! So that's where Butchkins goes to get his feet all sullied?

I have been wondering about that when I have seen him come crawling back to the sim at all hours with wet and dirty feet and a tired look on his face!

Hugs man!