Sunday, June 12, 2016

Life's A Beach, Bitch!

With so much bullshit being forced down the worlds throat lately (all because of religion-don't get me started) we all need a safe and peaceful sanctuary to escape and reflect and unwind.
Since I been on my own again I been traversing the Second Life mainland alot and logging on and off wherever I may have roamed. While sailing I passed by a beach house I once rented a few months ago and lo and behold it was back up for rent. The house next door I always admired for it's location right on The Blake Sea and I discovered it was also available and decided to snap it up.
As I sit on my deck the dozens of boats sailing the Blake literally pass by me withing 30 meters. I love to sit and relax and check out the great variety of boats and snoop the people's profiles. I admit it, I love reading profiles! If your sailing by say "hey".
I have been scampering around alot in my punk, skunk, furry avatar alot lately too however it got awfully hot in the fur so I cooled off a little as my human persona and also to wear the freebie shirt to honor the victims of the shooting last night in Orlando Florida at the hands of yet another religious mental case who apparently hated gays and I bet it is a ISIS prick. People are saying to pray for the victims however prayer and religion are futile and history shows it is useless. What we need to do is start smashing these people back in the face with no mercy! Ban all religion or face this crap forever! That's my little rant for today!

Last night I gallivanted over to the great GYC, Gay Furry Club (which is always packed) and experienced the fantastic rock and roll DJ Angel Valentine. He kicked my ass with the hard, old school, rock and metal that I crave! (his picture below). Angel Valentine is now my favorite DJ in Second Life. He regularly plays Saturday nights at GYC Club. Everyone is welcome, even humans ;-)

(Below: My new, favorite SL DJ: the fantastic rock and roll DJ Angel Valentine.
Can you take a severe ass pummeling?

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