Monday, May 23, 2016

Once You Begin Watching Spiders, You Haven't Time For Much Else...

I spent the last weekend exploring and visited and photographed 2 fabulous sims. One is an ancient favorite and one was a brand, new favorite.
I have recently began regaining touch with my inner dark side and these 2 experiences were right up my alley...
My 2 furry avatars are somewhat identical in some ways yet I find each one also vastly distant from each other. My alt, Rex Short the more bright, optimistic, fun and frolicker skunk (with red Mohawk in pics) and my old standby as Ziggy the Punk Skunk my dark prince of the two. Darker and one who plays more with the spiders!

“Once you begin watching spiders, you haven't time for much else.”
― E.B. White

First Location Photographed at The Wastelands:

I have been obsessed with the great, Second Life Wastelands lately and have blogged many times in the past about this natural, virtual wonder. I always feel myself drawn back. The haunting echo's of far away voices in the canyons and the behind the ear whisperings of the hallowed voices of the past.

Next Location: 



This dark sim was brilliant. Webs, spiders, fog, cages and mystery. Discover for yourself by clicking the URL above silly....

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