Thursday, May 05, 2016

Jiggin In The Riggin with Rex Short....

My furry alt; Rex Short went on a grid wide quest to find the notorious Esteban Winsmore who has not been seen anywhere recently. I went looking for him at some of his favorite, past hangouts.
What I came across was just as fun and reminded me of the days when I was hanging around with infamous, performance artist extreme; Cannon Atlas.
A furry pirate (Dr. Funkenstein (gregorie.maurer) rezzed a large pirate-type ship and was singing and playing Irish Folk type songs like River Dance stuff etc. I had quite the fun. Esteban never surfaced...
Come out, come out wherever you are Esteban before I take over your club and cease paying the staff immediately as of now!
The get together started attracting a crowd of other fun people who danced and jigged in the rig.
This kind of thing used to be common in Second Life and over the years gets harder and harder to find...people who are out to have fun for fun sake and not just beg for people to come to their parties.
If you create it and it is fun, the people will come...


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