Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A Six Hour Sail With The Ushuaia Sailboat

I posted about receiving the newly, released sailboat from The Mesh Shop called The Ushuaia Sailboat a few posts back after Dalton surprised me with a new boat!
After a particularly grueling work week for both Dalton and myself, we were in need of and planned to have a fun filled weekend to celebrate our 7th month anniversary.
It started off horrific. Dalton purchased the boat for me as a gift and I either accidentally deleted it along with a weeks worth of other messages and spam or it was not delivered by accident. He sent the creator a note card and info and we waited and then went and bought another one because we wanted to spend the day sailing.  I paid the vendor and you guessed boat. Now I am not blaming The Mesh Shop because Second Life had been messing things up left and right but one suggestion I have is maybe a redelivery terminal is needed, especially on boat purchases etc.for when Second Life is being a bitch like it was this past few days.
The next day we got our 2 boats delivered promptly by the creator, Dutch, who was wonderful and accommodating.
I unpacked my baby and read the note cards and most of the instructions and set off sailing with Dalton on our new Ushuaia. It was going great until I had to sail into the natural, SL wind.
I am used to the Loonetta with the wind settings simply S, N, E, W or NW etc that are typed in chat which change the wind direction for the direction you want to go in. I am used to this method and very easy to eat, sip tea and type and chat as you sail. For the Ushuaia I read I needed to type in a somewhat longer sequence for wind and figure out numbers of wind direction and speed. I was confused, frustrated and after crashing full speed into a peer I was pissed off.
I made gestures with the preset commands so that as I sail and yapped I could click a gesture to control my wind. It worked great until I discovered on marketplace a wonderful HUD called The Skip HUD with every imaginable type command on it. A wonderful accessory and only 49 Lindens.
The HUD is not made by the boat creator but it sure would be a useful tool to the sale of the boat.
The HUD also recognized most universal type commands and with this HUD I can go back to using the N, S, E, W, SW etc commands again just like the Loonetta. What a great convenient masterpiece of a HUD!
The Ushuaia also has an autopilot feature which helps trim the sails automatically which I also need and love when trying to sail, read map, tell naughty stories and drink gallons of tea.
Another great extra was custom paint work available on marketplace for the Ushuaia and I purchased the Dream Catcher texture package and found it instant and easy to apply making my boat not so identical to everyone else. Another great tool for this excellent boat.
The final jaw dropping wow feature of this sailboat was the massive amount of great animations including sex and cuddling, sitting, laying, sleeping and great swimming and diving animations for the back of the boat when anchored.
Dalton and myself tested all the animations and were approached by the Blake Sea Coast Guards at one point to see why we were "parked" in the middle of The Blake Sea! The truth was I really needed a tea and a quick slash ;-) honest!
Now the Ushuaia is my hands down, favorite boat and I sort of retired my Loonetta which also is an excellent boat but it has wear and tear after 3 or 4 years of battling the vicious waves of The North Blake Sea storms and had it's day for now.
Thank you Dalton for forcing me to try a new boat despite my cries of "I don't neeed another boat".

We sailed past Kyle Lambert's dock in Second Norway and accidentally dented his boat because it was an accident just like the accident he has when he motorboats a destructive trail through my duckweed and water hyacinth garden. ;-) lol

Today we sailed for hours and relaxed with the waves, the salty wind and the cry of the hungry seagull as we wound down from our real life day before a visit with Darian and Zeek and a bunch of apes. ;-)

Darian got the Ushuaia and accompanying HUD as well today :-)
Happy Sailing peeps and see you in the early morning fog of The Blake Seas....

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LOL ... another fantastic day :-)