Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Sailors Cove West

Well we moved Sailors Cove West on The Blake Sea.
After Dalton and I had gone sailing this weekend we saw that Second Life seems to have been working again (maybe temporarily) for boats. Smooth sim crossings and not too many crushing lag storms.
We came a cross a small, beach cabin (see last blog post) and rented it for a small vacation home. It is right on the edge of the Blake Sea and boats literally sail beneath our little balcony. We loved it so much and I realized how much I had missed the open waters that we decided to casually searching for a bigger place to call our permanent home that was on or close to The Blake Sea.
Second place I looked I came across a nice plot in Sailors Cove West across from Fancies Deep. We snapped it up instantly and moved right in. We are a 2 minute sail from the open waters of the Blake Sea without being right in the crowds but still close enough for fast access and a great view of boats passing right by from any area of our land. Now one of our favorite pastimes is sitting in our lawn chairs and watching the many sailboats peacefully sail by as well as the occasional plane, helicopter or hot air balloon.
Our twins love it, our pets love it, our horses love it and we love it.
Feel free to sail by and say hi unless of coarse we are um....indisposed ;-)

(Below): The Beach House at Swash, Blake Sea..

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