Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Winter In Willow Lake...

Last post I confirmed the rumours that Dalton and myself were indeed expecting twins. A boy and a girl in fact and the doctor tells me my due date is around January 11, 2016.
I was happy, excited, delighted and feeling great. To make my Christmas spirit even more special we had a major snowstorm last night at our Willow Lake Sim.
We built an ice skating rink and enjoyed the snow....
And to answer the questions...I am the one carrying, we are both the fathers, no mothers and yes that is the magic of Second Life. Come on over for a hot chocolate and a skate before you know it, Spring arrives again and I will be helping to raise our two twins when they arrive.
I am in fact getting chubby and winter clothes make great camouflage but no you most likely will not see me out in public during my pregnancy.

- Ziggy

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