Sunday, December 13, 2015

Realistek: The Name Says It All

Realistek Riding and Wandering Horses ... by Zed Avedon

During my time in Second Life, I've met some people who absolutely cannot stand shopping.

I do not fall into that category. (Just ask my friend Linc.)

Both my husband Ziggy and I enjoy exploring the creativity of people inworld, and we enjoy finding those special things that help to make our stay in Second Life more pleasant ... our home more special.

In our minds, the details are what make the living spaces inworld so wonderful. We learn about people by seeing how they interpret their spaces and by being allowed to share a glimpse of things that are meaningful to them. We enjoy making a "home" a real home.

Ziggy and I love nature. We like having a lot of animals around us. The animals add so much to the ambiance. Imagine my delight when Ziggy told me about the newest and best horses available inworld by a creator named Zed Avedon. The horses are called "Realistek Wandering and Riding Horses" ... the features are too numerous for me to list here, but I will provide a YouTube video here that Zed posted for people to view. The video gives an overview of the features, but by no means fully covers just how fabulous these horses are.


These horses have a fluid and realistic movement. There are many to choose from: white, palomino, chestnut, bay, appaloosa, bronze, and black. At $12,000L per purchase, they may seem a bit pricey ... but they are copy and are of a quality that I have never seen before inworld, so in my opinion, they are well worth the price. Add to that the fantastic customer service that Zed provides, and the purchase is a no-brainer to me. So far we've purchased the bay and the black ... and here are some pictures of Bijou and Mocha (the bays); Beauty and Jet (the blacks). Each horse is 27 prims.

Realistek Riding and Wandering Horse ... Bay

Realistek Riding and Wandering Horse ... Black

The Blacks


Visit Zed's store inworld to see more of his amazing creations. You can also find his products on the Marketplace. Ziggy and I are very happy that we discovered these horses. And I'm sure we will be returning to Zed's store.

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