Sunday, November 29, 2015

Favorite Places (part one)

Ziggy and I enjoy visiting the creative places in Second Life; we get a lot of pleasure out of witnessing the beauty that has emerged from some of the most imaginative minds on the grid. Calas Galadhon is at the top of the list for Ziggy and me.

On Friday evening, we visited Calas and decided to partake of one of the numerous activities available there: the balloon ride. Ziggy and I have both taken this balloon ride countless times in the past, but each time we ride the balloon is just as relaxing as the time before it. The ride allows one to enjoy a leisurely chat with that special someone while taking in the breath-taking scenery that Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith have gifted us with at Calas.

No doubt many have been inspired with ideas for their own parcels and sims by looking around at Calas. The bounty of nature on display there is fantastic.

Of course, it bears mentioning that I had the best seat on the sim ...

Best Seat on the Sim

... holding Ziggy as we drifted aimlessly and enjoyed Calas Galadhon was wonderful.

We'll be back. And each time we visit, we'll fall in love with Calas Galadhon all over again.

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Ziggy Starsmith said...

That was wonderful baby xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
We always have fun wherever we go but Calas is our fav.