Friday, October 02, 2015

Stillwater Cove

My new home in Redwood Shores - Stillwater Cove...
The color changes in the trees and falling leaves all around signify the crisp Autumn air. My favorite time of year. The bird calls of summer slowly diminish and the crickets one by one fall silent. The ducks still cavort in the pond and the racoons still manage to unlock the tightly sealed garbage bins and get fatter as they prepare for the upcoming winter.
This time last year I had lived in Second Norway until the sounds of overhead aircrafts ruined the serenity that Second Norway once had. In Redwood Shores I have found the "new" place to live in beautiful, woodland settings. To me this is the "new" Second Norway surpassing the natural beauty.
After Bren and my seperation I have found my new, final, permanent home amongst the woodlands and rolling hills. Come have a tea with me by the big, stone fireplace.
Bren was a wonderful man but our online time and schedules just did not mesh and we decided to go our separate ways.


Carl said...

Your blog will not let me google+ it, but your site is great and I love these pictures. Hugs and keep up the good work.

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Yes I am having issues Googling it to, I need to fix it when I have free time.