Sunday, October 11, 2015

HOME Is Where The Heart Is...

Oh boy Ziggy, you sure move around alot! Your like a god damn, Second Life gypsy!!!
Nothing is more thrilling to me than setting up and decorating and landscaping my home(s).
I have moved around alot. Many of the following pictures are homes which I have lived in just in the past year. These were just some of my faves.

Below: Second Norway (Haug)

Below: Second Norway (Valhalla)

Below: Redwood Shores (Stillwater Cove)

Below: Pure (Firewater Estate)

Below: One of several Linden Homes

Below: Redwood Shores (Stillwater Cove - my current home)

Below: Fruit Islands Sim

Below: Second Norway (Bron Yr Aur) One of my past favorites now an ugly airport runway!

Below: Second Norway (Haug)

Below: The Pacific Coast (Muir Woods)

Below: Portugese Cove

Below: Pure Beach

Below: Second Norway (This spot is now a huge ugly building with a runway)

Below: Fruit Island (Quarter Sim)

Below: My infamous Hollywood Pad at Pure - The sight of the infamous birthday party where Holter and I drove a motorcycle into the swimming pool in front of 50 guests lol

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