Monday, October 05, 2015

A Friendly Visit With Friends...

What better ways to spend a Sunday than with friends. Some I had not seen in a long time.
I bumped into my buddies Dalton Cole and Dex Moleno and after some shopping we headed off to Dex's new place to see what he has done...

As usual Dex surprised me with his fantastic decor and his extreme attention to all the little details that I love about all his homes over the years.

We sipped coffee and traded one off banters, quips and ideas all morning and thought it would be cool to go do some adventures to help me wind down from a brutal, past work week schedule.

Dex had to go to bed as his time zone was now in the wee hours but Dalton accompanied me in my hot air balloon.

We started off at Half Hitch on the Blake Sea and headed eastward towards Second Norway.
We landed (crash landed) in Second Norway in the town and had a lavish dinner in the restaurant with the mill wheel across from where I used to live which is now a bloody awful airstrip.
(ask Kyle Lambert he will tell you how bloody awful it is lol)

I wanted to go horseback riding and my buddy Dalton also had a horse so we decided to go hoofing around the Calas Galadhon sims,
What a view.
We were sent scurrying home that evening when a violent thunderstorm ransacked the area and drenched everything and everyone in sight.

While I had been gone I discovered a burglar had infiltrated my new house in Redwood Shores and ransacked my underwear drawer while looking for Kharissa Indigo's hidden shoe stash.
Finger prints lifted belonged to a very sneaky Kyle Lambert seen by this photo below that he leaked onto Google

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