Monday, September 21, 2015

Are We Living In The Last Times Of Second Life?

I have spoken on this subject before but maybe it needs one last gasp...Here

With the upcoming promise of the project "Sansar" becoming the new, next generation of "Second Life" one cannot stop thinking that this inevitably spells the end of Second Life as we know it, no matter what they tell us now!  We won't get fooled again!
We have been around long enough now to know how sneaky and deceitful these Linden Lab people can be so how can we trust them now when they tell us that Second Life will always still be around?
Come on, get real.

If "Sansar" is a roaring success and everybody leaves Second Life to go there into a world living through a virtual headset, then Second Life will be a ghost town (many regions have already become ghost towns). The way people jump up and down on the bandwagon with this current mesh body clone disease then the writing is on the wall for everybody to trip over themselves to go to this new virtual world. A new virtual world where everything begins again, a new Genesis, a brave, new, trendy frontier that is lit up like a Christmas tree with all the new bells and whistles and icing on a cake with rotten shit underneath! The plug will be pulled on Second Life faster than your mesh body rezes at a popular, crowded club on a Saturday night!
New names and faces, new alts, their pasts all discarded and left to rot in the old world of Second Life. A new land where all your new partners are all really all your old ex's with new identities. Same old shit with shiney, new flags blowing behind like super hero capes.
Maybe the Lindens realized they fucked up Second Life with so many dysfunctional bells and whistles like "failed" pathfinding and mesh that is still inconvenient as hell to wear without adjusting your body to fit the clothes or wear alpha masks to hide your hot, sexy features and muscles. I smell vomit! They went too far and needed to begin again because their old code was a tangled mess of spaghetti code.

I think we are all living in the last Endtimes of "Second Life" and within 2 years it will all be gone.
All the favorite places that are still left will be vaporized. All your friends and loved ones faces will be liquefied into memories and old photo's. All your old landmarks of your old home sims and places filled with memories so strong you could fall down in a ball of tears when they are long gone!

Those brave enough will pick themselves up, dust off their old clothes and bravely hike deep into the new world of "Sansar" and begin again, New names, new faces, new clothes, new homes, new loved ones. In 5 years Second Life will be talked of in rumour and misty clouds of hazy folklore of the old days when lag ruled the earth! This is also why I continue blogging after 6 or more years, capturing everything as it is now so we may remember everything through the pictures.
This may be the last time I write or speak of this until it is all gone and happened so let's see what happens with all these new, seeds we let grow!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ziggy,

I agree with you about the state of SL. From the fractured pieces of information about Sansar, I"m just getting the vibe that it won't be a replacement for SL as we know it. No mainland? No maps? As much as I get annoyed with mainland, it really does serve a purpose for things using vehicles.

I can't get past the feeling that Sansar will end up being a big hole that LL burned up the last chance for SL to have resources for badly needed upgrading.

Maybe we will get lucky and this is just the last days for LL, not SL.

Ziggy Starsmith said...

I also seriously doubt the new world will be sailing friendly and bet there will be no Blake Sea!