Monday, August 03, 2015

Ziggy Starsmith - The End?

Well my friends I think this is the end of days for old Ziggy Starsmith.
I will not be returning to Second Life for a while and maybe forever...who knows?

I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and everything went great. It worked great, I learned it fast and even loved the new Edge browser. I logged onto Second Life and went dancing at Blow Buddies when poof, I crashed. Firestorm crashed and my computer screen froze and I could not get Windows to work or open. I re logged my computer and Windows would not load. No matter what tests and diagnostics I did my laptop was gone.
Spent hours trying everything but no good.
I am not buying a whole, new computer at least for a while if not months so for now I am on an old laptop that barely chugs along and is in no shape to try to run Second Life on it. So this is it.
I always wondered how my Second Life would end and this was my doomsday after 8 years of wonderful experiences.
I will miss you all although I will remain on facebook and maybe posting on this blog as long as I can. I may post blogs about other topics.

One day I might return if I decide to get a better computer but I am just not into SL enough anymore enough to spend alot of money just for SL.
I may or may not continue with this blog, it is still too early to guess how I will feel! Back to reading books again I think...
Goodbye for now everybody. xoxoxoxoxox


Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck said...

Ziggy roll back from win 10

Ziggy Starsmith said...

I need a break from SL as well so maybe this is a much secretly disguised good thing for me. Computer is blown and since I just installed Windows 10 there was no backups or system rollbacks to Windows 7 or anything. As of posting this I am attempting one more total clean install but it hangs on 1% for 6 hours with no progress. DON't Get WINDOWS 10 YET!!!!!

Eddi Haskell said...

OH no! I just installed Windows 10. I have not had problems yet but after reading your posts I am afraid! I will warn people on my blog.

Eddi Haskell said...

Ziggy-- are you using an ATI or NVIDIA graphics card? ATI users are reporting issues but NVIDIA users are not per the Second Life community forum

Charley Eismann said...

You will be missed, Ziggy! Thanks for spending the last few parties with us at Starfall! Know that Kaj and I will think of you, and hold out hope that you're gonna make your way back to SL! Best wishes in whatever direction you choose to go!

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Ok I am back and I think I blame the new EDGE browser on Windows 10 for my apocalypse so I say stick to Firefox or Google Chrome for now.
Hey Charley I will be coming back ;-)
Eddie I use a NVIDIA card and speaking of which, I had to manually add my browsers and programs in the NVIDIA control panel to be enabled otherwise it reverted to the generic card or something. Made a big difference.