Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Well That Was Fast!

How many times have I said I was leaving Second Life? Jesus Christ lol but I am back inworld and on my regular computer with Windows 10 and doing great so far.
It started Sunday when I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 from Windows 7. All went well and took 2 hours exactly. I loved the new Windows and found most stuff easily. I liked the new Edge browser too.
I went on Second Life that evening and danced at a very, laggy club on a very laggy sim and Firestorm crashed on me. My computer fan seemed very hot and overworked. I logged back on and logged back into Second Life and teleported home. (yes the pics are my new home).
I opened up the Edge browser as I was sort of still rezzing and it froze. I could not move the mouse pointer and then I waited and waited and finally managed to relog my computer. When it came back on it loaded the starting page of Windows 10 and then went to a black screen. Computer still on but nothing on the screen. I ended up hard rebooting the computer thinking it was a kink and will just return to normal however this time I got the Windows 10 opening page and along the bottom of the screen it kept saying something along the lines that Windows was attempting to fix an error and it kept repeating and then going to a blue page with different options to restore the computer etc etc.
Everything I tried failed to restore. System restore gave me errors. Windows just would not load and going in circles of restoring options and attempting to fix errors.Sometimes the screen went black.
Googled all kinds of stuff on another computer to see if there was a fix or issue. I saw many others had this same problem too with no solutions. After 6 hours I gave up and of coarse I was a furious, ranting lunatic.
I was up all night trying to figure something out, hoping it would "fix" itself and not leave me doomed to never be able to return to Second Life.
By 7 pm Monday night I had resigned myself to accept the fact that Ziggy may never be back to Second Life. I am not ready to go and buy another, new computer just for Second Life.
Then....I read a post on a computer geek message board about since Windows 10 did not need a product key and was free that it the download media tool or whatever could be put on a UBS stick and maybe used to fix or reinstall Windows 10. I am an imbecile when it comes to geek computer talk so I had no clue but had nothing to loose. I went through the process of putting it on a stick and then turning on my busted computer and pushing the F12 button until a scary, looking black screen with prompts came up. I somehow got Windows 10 to start doing a full, clean install on my busted computer after 4 or so attempts by following the instruction. Don't ask me what they were now because I forgot.
It all took 45 minutes and then started to load everything like normal and my computer was fixed????
Not yet, more hair pulling.
Since it was fresh install it did not recognize that Windows 7 had been on the computer and so a screen came up asking me for my Product key......MY WHAT?
More google and found out I might find my Product key somewhere on my computer and I found it underneath on the battery. I typed in the code and pressed....OHHHH it started to continue.....NOT!
It says the code is not recognized. I was ready to throw the laptop against the wall as hard as I could and dance on it while ranting and spitting.
I breathed and tried again. It WORKED and began loading and updating and whirling and basically seduced me with it's promise of getting my computer back AND maybe having Windows 10 work properly.
Everything came on and I logged in and was afraid to do anything. Afraid to breathe.
What I now had was a completely, clean installed computer with everything gone but a healthy Windows 10 on it...hopefully.
 I started updating and re-adding all my antivirus and tweaks and after a few hours I had my computer actually feeling like it was brand new and it ran so fast like if new again. I had backed up my files and stuff on OneDrive Cloud which comes with Windows 10. Everything netter than ever.
I was afraid that it might be the new Edge browser that screwed me up so I returned to using the old faithful Firefox browser. After everything going great for a few hours I dared return to Second Life.
I had higher frame rates than before and seemed smoother. I have now been on Second Life and Windows 10 for 11 hours now and no problems. I am loving Windows 10 despite my drama and think the clean reinstall actually fixed alot of issues with my computer.
I am still taking a break for a while from Second Life but will be able to at least pop on now and again with a proper computer.
If you want something fixed just write a blog post ranting that your leaving Second Life and just watch everything fall into place and fix itself to make you look like a proper fool....

Now getting on with stuff.....I have moved again before my self-induced apocalypse to a beautiful area in the West Blake Sea area called Portuguese Cove run by Doc Spad and Kharissa Indigo.
I believe there are some beautiful beach houses still for rent. One next door to me ;-)
You get a private dock for your boats and direct sailing access to the Bingo Straight and Blake Sea.
Contact Doc or Khar for info. Move next door to me so I can perv cam you...

With the horrific, hot and humid weather we been having lately I find everybody sleeps in the nude. It may be hot in the city tonight but the tropical waters of the Blake Sea are heating up as well with the endless parade of beefy, sexy sailors in their tight, white shorts, cruising the seas and causing boats to run ashore from the distraction....just sayin'.


Rusty Redfield said...

Glad you're back, my friend, and sorry that you had such a bad experience. That which does not kill us makes us more interesting bloggers ;-)

Eddi Haskell said...

YAY Ziggy!

For me Windows 10 has also been a royal pain. Not as bad as your problem, but bad.

I just spent 10 straight hours trying to figure out how to access my Windows 7 photographs and files without constantly being prompted for every click asking me if I am the owner/administrator of my computer It was driving me nuts. Windows 10 would simply not allow me to access information from before the migration without putting me through a Catch 22 session every session.

Taking ownership of my old filed, changing security permissions, and doing all this user account control jigamaroos would not help I was going nuts.

I figured out how to fix this by disabling user access control on my computer through Reg Edit -- what a pain! This is the only way to do it. It is not even verified for Windows 10 yet.

If anyone is having this problem with your user setting follow these instructions --


Carl said...

Ziggy< Man,I am pleased to see you back. This is a great article. It will help others and be and give us confidence. Thanks so much. Hugs.

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Thanks guys, wow Eddie never had those problems. I am wondering if my original Windows 10 upgrade was just a jinxed one because now it is great and fast. I am weary of the Edge browser though because it seems to freeze or lock up when attempting to type so I am sticking with Firefox and all is fine.

Eddi Haskell said...

Stay away from Edge! Microsoft is making Google's acquisition of information of you seem wholesome by comparison. You give them permission to keep a record of what you are searching for unless you specifically turn it all off when you set up Windows 10.

Use something else!!!

If you want to stop Google from having all this information on you, use the Opera browser. It is proven, fast, safe, attractive, and reliable.

Just don't use Edge.

Anonymous said...

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