Friday, August 14, 2015

Mesh Avatars: Too Much Too Soon...

Mesh avatars too much too soon...Do not read if your "sensitive" about your avatar.

I have given my mesh avatar 5 months to try out and liked the looks etc but got fed up with changing clothes and trying to alpha layer everything and taking too much time only to have bits still show or favorite clothing not fitting. Last night the final straw came when nobody saw me but my head because the body which I worked so hard to get into clothes, was invisible all night.
A floating head, how attractive...AND I PAID 5000 Lindens for this crap!
I gave up then and there. Took 1 second to click a handy outfit folder of my old standard avatar and appear in all my fabulous glory with clothes that fit me every time, tattoos that show every time and a head and face that resemble almost no other.
We give up a variety of skins and fabulous clothing, convenient clothing layers and freedom of fun, open clothing shopping just for some pixel muscles. Bring back the fun of skin and clothing shopping and wearing what you want from where your want.
I gave up mesh avatars for another few months now and reverted back to my standard body. Still looks good and the trick was, everything fit in seconds and outfits came on in seconds. No fiddling and stress with the alpha layer huds. Speaking of just TMP, it is one of the oldest mesh bodies yet still in beta and no updates whatsoever and no clothing for men besides a handful of stuff in different colors. Total failure and money grab in my opinion. How they laugh at your expense as they grab your money and the effort it took to exchange into their ridiculous currency and blind you with white on white nonsense hoping you panic and click everything just to get the fuck out of there. What a horrific experience it is shopping at "The Shops". ugh (I just threw up a little in my mouth.)
Eventually they will get it right and only then will I attempt this mesh avatar "project" again. It is just not ready yet, especially to purchase. The heads are horrible, sorry but true in my opinion. I had a mesh head/face in 2014 for a while before the bodies came out and now looking back I resembled a clone of all the rest who had the same head.
I want to delete it all but maybe one day they will fix all the bullshit.

Now for those of you who take this criticism personally well then that's too bad too sad because this is my opinion and you can stop reading now if your too sensitive. It is going to get brutal here....

TMP looks good but not really functional properly yet. The mesh heads look exactly the same and some have faces that look like a truck smashed them head on and sour puss supreme. Devoid of all personality and I bet during sex it is difficult to let out a rawring scream! lol
I had one friend who used to be a beautiful blond with an quirky, edgy look (but horrible personality) who now looks like a snobby librarian prancing around trying to look fashionable yet is not at all the same person we all once knew before he took a drink from the mesh head poison test tube!
Tattoos are absolutely useless on TMP avatar. If they partially show you resemble a cow. The alpha hud is not detailed enough for many clothes to fit properly enough to feel confident in wearing them. Yeah the ass is nice but useless when invisible. Sad thing is you look fabulous to yourself and unless others tell you, you may appear as a floating head. Woof so sexy! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
The Aesthetic mesh avatar has a greyish tinge that doesn't suit me right and far too muscular and even when customizing it looks silly for me anyways. Usually way too hairy and sort of dirty looking in the skin tone. These are the most clones of all the avatars and no matter how you try and customize the body size it looks the same or weird. Think about all this subjectively before you attack my home with torches and KKK crosses yelling "kill the monster"...I will say that the Mesh avatars too much too soon...The Aesthetic avatars however do seem to do everything right in the clothing selection, shopping experience and all that and absolutely blow The Mesh Project out of the water and leave it gasping and floundering on the hot, dry cement like a clammy fish! They seem to do it right. Just give us more body texture choices. The muscle bumps on the forearms look like giant, prehistoric mosquito bites, just saying! lol

TMP looks good but not really functional properly yet.
The Aesthetic has a greyish tinge that doesn't suit me right and far too muscular and even when customizing it looks silly for me anyways. There is a mesh avatar from Tonk which looks promising but I never tried it.
We need mesh avatars that can adapt to clothing and not the other way around and we need it to be seen and not invisible or broken into tiny triangles or we arrive naked with clothing floating around our necks.
There is some truth for you and you can do with it as you will...but for me, not ready yet for usage and too much too soon..
There are several others but I am not familiar with them so cannot comment.
I heard that Belleza (spelling) is going to release a ground breaking, new male, mesh avatar any second now and maybe they got it right. I love their skins etc.
There is some truth for you and you can do with it as you will...but for me, not ready yet for usage and too much too soon...


Anonymous said...

Ziggy you are spot on. TMP is infuriating. The price was way too much for such an abusive product and such snobbery surrounding it. Aesthetic is a gem as far as service, but it always looks the same no matter what you do. It's one note: The Terminator.

Male mesh avatars are one hot mess that requires sacrifice of clothing layers and skin options for nothing but a few smoother cloned muscles. TMP has kept a clenched fist on modifications and development. That's the reason why Aesthetic has more exciting clothing options popping up.

If Linden Lab paid any attention beyond the hose they use to suck money out of this world, they would update the standard avatars and stop this free market mesh racket. It's really dragging the potential of the game down.

It's ruining the clothing options for men and has brought the skin market to such a sad place. Mesh modelers are not necessarily the best texture artists.

I would love to get new skins, T shirts, underwear, tattoos, body hair, socks, and swimwear out of the hands of mesh developers and back into the hands of amateur texture artists who could give us back variety and innovation.

The avatar was a whole lot more fun and individualistic when the playing field was much more level. Women have a much easier road with more choices because they have the lions share of the market.

Men are the minority and like any minority in a hyper-capitalistic environment, we are left exploited and under-served.

Linden Lab needs to step up and do their job. The avatars need to be fixed at the basic ground level.

Ziggy Starsmith said...

I could not have worded this better myself. Spot on!