Monday, August 24, 2015

Just Another Sunday...Observations

I am now feeling normal and comfortable with my return to my old, standard avatar after having ditched the "Mesh Project Avatar" (TMP) a few weeks ago. I am finding clothes, mesh clothes that I forgot I had and I can now wear effortlessly. No struggling with alpha huds and giving up and going shirtless with the same old, select pair of TMP pants. The only ones that fit  looking right.
Feels like a whole new wardrobe again.
Most close friends know I hate shopping but decided to go shopping to see if there were any new, mesh men's clothing available. I went to all my landmarked store and found many gone, closed, moved or they had zero new product for men.  Same old same old. Pretty sad as I blame the mesh avatar disease for this as now everybody shows exclusively at one or two places that only caters to their brand of mesh avatars. Going back to my standard avatar though opens up a thousand possibilities of all my already owned mesh clothes which are still very nice and comfortable.
Another thing I have forsaken in the past few weeks/months is the gay clubs and club scene. I have gone to the occasional straight rock and roll clubs. I have my own personal reasons for this.
Tonight I did go to an older, gay club, big in the club scene (or once may have been) and I have taken issue with this particular club before for antics of the owner and or cliquey patrons however tonight proved that this club owner was worse than ever and such an asshole that I almost vomited from his egotistical banality. I arrived and the DJ and one friend said hello, the rest was snob city and then the club, sim owner began making fun of slant eyes and Asians. There seemed to be 2 Asians in attendance who made a few little, smiles here and there but it was disgusting at the racism, even if meant in a "loving, joking way" between friends. One of the "Asians" in attendance had no choice but to laugh as he was employed by this buffoon. I have named his name before in the past on this blog so I will not name names this time but a few fellow bloggers were also in attendance and heard his diatribe. he kept going on and on with slant eyed jokes and referred to them as slant eyed bookends for his club. Again there were a few of my friends and fellow bloggers in attendance who heard this too and agreed that this was awful.
After a few sentences I TP's away.
So again we go forward into the brave, new world and see what Second Life continues to offer us...

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Carl said...

Ziggy as usual, you speak your mind and I love that. Hugs.