Friday, July 03, 2015


Take a walk.
It's free.
It's stress free and can free you from stress.
When I stopped consuming myself with endless clubs, party's and the sometimes drama and cliques that go along with that world I discovered many other great aspects of Second Life.
My love for sailing, horseback riding, hot air balloon touring etc is well known but walking is free and no need for a boat or horse or anything other than your avatar and your feet.
Calas Galadhon is my perennial favorite for all season but my other favorite is the highways and road ways of the Second Life Mainlands. Look on the map, find a highway or roadway and TP there and just follow the road. Many great builds and scenery can be found and not just the eye rolling ad farms.
Skip the next party and go alone or take friends or a loved one and just walk and discover Second Life in ways you may never have before due to TPing, flying or teleporting everywhere.

All pictures taken at Calas Galadhon Parks:

Some of my older posts about hiking the Mainlands:

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