Sunday, July 19, 2015

Surrounded By Men...Again

So yeah this blog is back to form (how it originally started) as well as Ziggy is back to being currently in human form. Not ruling out furry skunks ever again but once and awhile I will still indulge.
Some observations but not meant as criticisms next!
Being a furry a few times over the years I would penetrate (woof) deep into the furry clubs and stuff and always found a distinct alternative outlook. No one at furry clubs ever greets you and they seem extremely cliquey. More so than most places it seems. I never spoke with many furry's and I made a huge effort during Second Pride to try and bring in and welcome the furry crowd to our festivities with dismal success.
The "human" element was actually wonderful and embracing and welcomed the few furry's that would attend the pride party's but for the most part I found the furry population were the ones who would dismiss the attempts at unity. I do understand from history why but this is 2015 and not 2007 anymore. Well I tried...
So tonight I went dancing again with the humans at Blow Buddies and thought some nice pictures of their um...prims...might tickle your fancy, pop your cork, make your nipples pucker and perhaps make you soak your pants. Click those pics for a better look.

Blow Buddies:

I have some interesting and maybe controversial topics and interviews I am considering covering on this blog over the next few weeks and hopefully they go through and I have the time to properly commit to give these interviews the dignity and  exposure they need.


D r e y said...

you are who you are Ziggy, no matter if in furry or human form. <3

Carl said...

Ziggy in my book you are special. Blow Buddies is a favorite spot of mine. I know you had a great time. Very nice to see you were there.
Warm Hugs Ziggy.