Monday, July 13, 2015

Second AfterLife Cemetary

My friends Kharissa Indigo and Larz Kas discovered this cool SL cemetery and told me about it. I had to go see and share. This is from their note card ... 

At a community drum circle back in early 2008, a group of us were talking about running businesses in Second Life.  My idea was to run a cemetery as a place to bury your own avatar if you had to leave Second Life for personal reasons, or to have a place to make a memorial to someone that was no longer here.  At the time, I had only been in SL for a short time and had no experience creating places.  Rocket Flasheart had the foresight to contact me the next day to offer his talents.

The original build of the Second Afterlife Cemetery was carried out entirely by Rocket Flashart.  I was the idea person, and Rocket made sure that those ideas represented my vision.  We opened the gates at the Saeneul location in March of 2008.  I took over full operations of the cemetery in 2011, which included a redesign and the accomplishment of rebuilding.

Making a memorial for someone, expressing that they mattered and made your life better in some way, is why I continue this endeavor.  Whether it be a memorial for an avatar you only knew in Second Life, someone from your Real Life, someone who died in Real Life and had and avatar in Second Life, or even a beloved pet, remembering helps us to heal from the sorrow.

Even if you don't rent a grave site here, this is a peaceful place to meditate and recharge from all the busyness in both Worlds. Donation receptacles can be found around the grounds if you feel so led.  I do rely on them as they help defray the cost of the land as this has always been a non-profit venture.

If you have any questions, please contact Lena Anthony or Kylie Quinn (kyliequinn resident).

The Second AfterLife Cemetary:

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Ziggy Love this. I plan to exploe it tonight. A great posting. Hugs