Thursday, July 09, 2015

Call Me Ziggy...A New Beginning!

I am sort of starting over on Second Life but not with an alt but with a whole new, change of direction and persona. Some may not like that because I am no longer "fuckable" but that will be your issue and not mine.
I decided that Second Life has become stagnant for me after being offline for 2 weeks and returning to find myself 2 days later of being online for hours on end that nobody even contacted me to do anything. Wow great friends huh? I know some are busy and I have spoken with you on Facebook or email but on Second Life I want to start a new life with new everything and a small circle of close friends and not just a fuck list or a list to spam about your club.
  I have majorly edited down my "friends" list because it is now going to be just that, only for friends and not endless "contacts". I don't need more acquaintances littering my screen when they log on or off if they never bother to speak to me.Yes at one time we may have been close friends but over time we have drifted apart. Nobody's fault, these things just happen. Don't take it personally and don't consider it an act of war....grow up! Sure we can talk and dance together and stuff but we don't need to be on each others friends list for one -off get togethers.

Same old Ziggy just with more icing on the cake ;-) - Just like Caitlyn Jenner hahahaha...
 I am pretty much now a full time furry in this current space and time....I just can't fathom all those cloned, mesh avatars with the same old muscles and body's. It has gotten so bad that it has made me give up sex on SL because once you had one you had them all. I think the new fad of all the mesh avatars is making different classes and cliques and dividing people even more. Also the ridiculous and tedious amount of time fussing with your shape and alpha layers just to look presentable in clothes. It is getting way too nuts.
To me the TMP Mesh Avatar Project is a major failure with no updates or clothes and other mesh avatars have come and stolen the show. I do still think all mesh avatars look the same though and the clones are worse than ever. Oh well, that's my honest opinion.
When I walk in a club or crowded place now I AM AN INDIVIDUAL and it will be pretty hard to find someone identical to me. Plus I can wear all my fabulous clothes and not have to resort to just one designer who has their rule over the market. No need for a jock, no shirt or alpha huds all over my screen.
If your establishment does not allow furry, Fae or elven folk then you won't be seeing me again.

This severe attitude change is because I am going to really give SL one more chance before I ever decide to quit and log off for the last time. I sort of think this virtual world is dying. Maybe I been on SL too long but you old timers like myself, know what I am talking about.  
This blog will continue but do not expect much commentary. it is going to continue mainly as a destination blog of cool places to explore etc. 

So yup. I am a furry skunk for now and who knows what I may do in the future.
If this offends you, piss off. If you think this is cool then let's continue on with our adventures....

"Oh Ziggy you look beautiful"...Caitlyn Jenner


devon eagle said...

Yay! Good for you, I totally agree :-)

::: TOXIC CANDY ::: said...

x good post enjoy your new start

Bock McMillan said...

I agree with Caitlyn, "Oh Ziggy you look beautiful" ;)