Thursday, July 16, 2015

LICK - Walk through the past into the Future...

Bored and nothing to do. Cleaned out my friends list of peeps who have maybe drifted away and we never speak anymore or never really did. The past and all it's friends and loved ones is just that, the past and people move on and drift apart. It's real life and Second Life. Some friends I deleted were once good friends but for one reason or another stopped talking to me or just moved onto new adventures. No cause for a drama war, it is just how things are.
Speaking of the past we must also look into the future. This is where I found a cool sim called LICK.
Lick offers complete sim/parcel design, landscaping and interior design. LICK is dedicated to creating beautiful, enchanting spaces for your home or business.  Dare to Dream...


Lick is a great sim. Without ruining the experience totally I will give you a rough idea of what I experienced along with some pictures of the experience.

Basically at Lick you walk from the past and directly into the future.
Explore for yourself and enjoy my pictures...

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