Monday, July 20, 2015

Generation Internet


"We are living in the age of the thing"... from Money Success Fame Glamour on The Party Monster Soundtrack.
 We have been basically breast feeding off the tits of the internet now for close to 25 years roughly and where there was once a time when we all knew of the days before the web there is now a whole generation grown up that were raised with the world wide web and have no idea of the way it was before. Have we created a drug who's addiction is so strong and so powerful that when taken away from us, it provokes the behavior you are about to see in the following video's below...
Now some of these videos we have all seen before and maybe not. Maybe they are fake and acted out for the camera but maybe not. There are kids/people who are like this and we may have even seen them sitting beside us in offices, public internet cafes and even in our own homes or with our own family members.
Is this designed on purpose, as a drug to control us for marketing purposes for online shopping, online use spying and corporate sneakery or has a good thing just gone nuts?
Remember when TV was considered dangerous, naughty books were dangerous for our minds?
I was late getting into the computer thingy and as late as 1999/2000 I swore I hated computers and would never own one. I slowly got curious to see certain websites and music sites of some of my favorite bands. I started with Web TV which led me to obtain a cheap computer which got better and stronger as the years went by and especially when I discovered Second Life.
Now it is even one step sicker with a generation of hunchbacks walking down the streets looking and thumbing on little hand held devices called smartphones.  No one talks face to face, even when sitting together because everyone is texting. Rooms full of chatter are now rooms full of clicking. To this day I refuse to have a cellphone or smartphone. For me a computer is all I need as a toy not a necessity.
I must admit I was told and believe myself that I was addicted to the internet from the years 2001 to maybe this past year when my interest is leveling out on it's own and I am not so quick to log on and tune out. I seem to be growing out of it on my own and find myself going back to reading books alot. remember those? Wonderful books?
 Watch the video's below and think for yourself. Is this the result of a sick world now called Generation Internet?

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