Monday, June 01, 2015

Test Driving The Brand, New Beast Hogg's Motorcyle Down Highway 8A Satori mainland....

My buddy Syrus Etchegaray-Drake (ѕץяus Etchegaray- Đяαkє) on Second Life who is a brand, new motorcycle builder was generous to give me a sneak peak look at his brand, new motorcycle which will soon be available on Marketplace and his new, inworld store called Beast Hogg's. This particular bike was called Purple Flames and not yet available but coming soon.
I decided it was the perfect opportunity to head out on the highway full throttle and test drive this Beast Bitch....
The bike looked beautiful and with a little tweaking from the generous selections in the pop up menu I was on my way. I took it out on mainland sim of Satori on Route 8A and although the lag was being a prick at times with the sim crossings, I still managed to get a taste of dust and bugs in my mouth and a great ride on a great new bike. Smooth steering, great speed selections and a nice array of poses.
I rode it full out at one point before a sim crossing sent me flying. Speaking of flying the bike also comes with options of flight, turbo, burnout, horn as well as different camera angles and controls. 30 prims and I am sure there will be many more color selection to come down the line but all in all, a great new bike from a great, new bike builder on Second Life.
Grab a bike and take ride for a change instead of endless clubbing and experience the wind in your face, hair blowing free and a motor rumbling between your thighs that can equal some of the best foreplay you could imagine. hehehehe
I personally own 5 different motorcycles and this new Purple Flame is now one of my favorites.
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Beast Hogg's

Also there is a bike raffle for this beautiful Beast Hogg's bike available at the Blow Buddies Club. You can win this bike....

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