Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Second Pride 2015: NoH8 4 The Furries....

I have been enjoying Second Pride and their 10th anniversary all this past few days and heard some great DJ's that I have never heard before as well as friends and favorites. 
I went to a furry gay club last night and was amazed at seeing approx 77 furry folk on the map at the club. I love to dabble about as a furry as you all know if your a friend of mine or a regular reader of this blog. It got me thinking that where are all these cute, gay furry people at Second pride?
Second Pride is all about diversity  and what I love about it every year is the variety of people from all walks of gay life that converge and dance together here every year. BUT? Where were all the furries?
I decided to try and do something about this today and I shapeshifted into my tiger furry.
Before heading to dance at Second Pride I was at a certain well known, Gay place and a guy comes flying out of nowhere and says to me..."Fucking furry faggot" ..."oh it's you Ziggy, sorry hehehehe" and he flies away like tinkerbell.
What the fuck. Furries are still one of the last of the gay subculture that are still abused by hate comments and exclusions from certain clubs and establishments. Mind you it is not as bad as it used to be but certain popular gay meeting places and clubs either have blatant signs stating no furry allowed or you get people making stupid, rude comments. Sometimes the comments are meant as light hearted jokes but the hate is still subliminal there!
Certain people with a NOH8 campaign picture (sometimes in their profile) still show hypocritical hate towards the furry population. I bet a few of you are even rolling your eyes at this blog post or snickering.
Anyways I went to Second Pride and danced most of the day as a furry and even posted a picture of me as a furry on Facebook stating to come dance at Second Pride and that furries are very welcome along with a map link. It worked. A few furries did come to Second Pride and seemed to dance and enjoy themselves. There were no rude comments but one, near the end of the night which I will get to later.
The last set of the night was perfect timing as DJ Cole Husky was a sexy furry and he set the subdued crowd on fire with his electronic, high energy tunes. The timing and ending of my furry awareness day could not have ended more perfectly than with furry DJ Cole Husky.
Not a large showing of furries through out the day but they did start coming. It just might work however there was one idiot during Cole's set that said in chat....Ok so I see your a furry but can you speak? which came across as rude and uninformed but hopefully was meant as a joke but still seemed rude to me. I heard worse.
All in all it was a great day and my little, personal project this week is to try and get more wonderful, furry folk (as well as elven, Fae, tiny and other wonderful people) to attend pride this year and show real diversity  and not just us mesh bodied clones flexing and poncing about in our rainbow jockstraps. LOL
If you are a furry or a friend of furry's and any other people who want to dance, relax and have fun then come on down to Second Pride for a safe, fun atmosphere that is free of hate.
Come dance with me in any form. Be friendly to our furry friends.....they are just having fun like us....Click on the pictures to enlarge...

Second Pride is on now and runs until Sunday, June 28th, 2015.

Second Pride schedule:

Second Pride Location:

Above: My tiger guise...

Below: DJ Cole Husky and friends....

Below: Two Pics courtesy of Kahvy Smith of some of the wonderful furries in attendance and me poncing about....check out Kahvy and Garrett's Facebook page The Smith Boys for more great pics and coverage.

Below: A wonderful pic courtesy of NakedCarl and his wonderful blog and coverage of Second pride here:

More wonderful pics courtesy of NakedCarl's Blog. Nakedcarl is THE blog to go to this year for the best Second Pride coverage...


Carl said...

Very nice article Ziggy. I hate discrimination. I had not realized it was that strong with furriers. Keep pushing this. I love variety. Makes life more interesting and fun.

Bock McMillan said...

I completely agree with you on both counts, Ziggy!

Carl is the go-to blog for Second Pride this year and does a wonderful job.

The gay furries and most other variation of LGBT that exist in Philip Linden's and our dream world should be felt to be more welcome, it a good start with a furry DJ.

Best wishes on your continued mission and your efforts for inclusiveness at Pride.


Gayngel SLResident said...

Quite a few of the Linden's are furries, and most of public works on the mainland were built by the Linden moles which are also furries so anyone discriminating or complaining about furries should shut up and appreciate their contribution to SL.

Anyway if SP is looking to include more furries please contact ღⓎυѕα Ⓚαкяïкợღ. He is a manager of some furry sims and will be happy to send invites out to groups.

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Gayngel I will pass on the info. Thank you very much.