Sunday, June 21, 2015

Second Pride 10th Anniversary: The Beautiful Japanese Garden.

Wow what a peaceful place right in the center of the busy Second Pride sims. The Japanese Garden is a private, walled garden abundant with the sounds of birds and water and insects and a perfect place to regroup and relax before, after or in between the fabulous Second Pride 10th Anniversary Celebrations.
I am sitting there now as we speak and blogging about this magical place.
I love the pride parties and they are second to none in terms of the best parties on Second life but this year I am opting out of the party coverage and letting my other blogging friends do their wondrous work documenting it this year. This year I am attending as many events as I can and just enjoying the experience however I will from time to time document and blog the sometimes, overlooked aspects of Second Pride such as this garden. Alot of great work goes into these details and all for our enjoyment.
Click on the pictures for a closer look at the pics and enjoy the video music which seems to fit nicely with the settings...xxxx Love Zig.

Second Pride 10th Anniversary Japanese Gardens:

Second Pride:

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