Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Second Life 12 Anniversary Birthday...The Electronic World Is An Alternative Reality In relation To The Physical World.

Also this week celebrating Second Life's 12 Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations and what an eye opener it was in terms of imagination, creativity, wonderment and just plan awe inspiring.
Two places especially really knocked me out in terms of imagination and creativity.
When I first arrived at the entrance sim I was surrounded by darkness and a somewhat dark, creepy atmosphere that reminded me of Lost Angels Post Nuclear Sims I often frequent. A path and stairway let me to an equally dark and foreboding train station which gives you no indication of where to go so it encourages you to wander and every visit can almost be a different experience. I spent 4 good hours here but to see everything you must make several visits or a marathon of wandering and make a day of it.

Second Life 12th Birthday Exhibitors:

There is also a Second Life Time Capsule being put together and you walk up this large tower to find a trunk. Edit the trunk and you can drag and drop anything in there to be included in the time capsule. I added several photo's of myself and friends as well as a few pics of locations and few silly things I built over the years. A neat idea and wonder when it will be opened? maybe in another 10 years???

The first exibit that really impressed me with it's imagination and experience was The Tower Of Dreams:

I did not photograph any of this because you MUST go and experience it for yourself. Take a friend, a lover or your partner for best results.

Finally the pièce de résistance of the dispays in my opinion was VISIONS. What imagination and creativity and what drugs must have been consumed for this magnificent display.


Yes I photographed parts of this but it MUST be seen and experienced in person. Very interactive and just plain cool.....
Again, I will not ruin the experience with too much detail but it is a must see.

I have not even scratched the surface of the fantastic exhibits and visuals that are on display at this years Second Life Anniversary but please, please take some time and go see before it closes this Sunday, June 28th, 2015.....

Second Life 12th Birthday Celebrations:

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