Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Paddle To The Sea: Part One

...When I finally returned home from the desert heat of the Grand Canyon, I slept for 2 days straight. I did not bother to shave and grew my beard out but trimmed my hair a smidgeon. I think I will keep my beard to remind me of the wonderful journey.
I needed to be near water now and my trusty kayak was calling my name saying "Zig, Zig, take me out for an adventure..."
I started off at the front gate docks of Second Norway and traversed through the sims. So much has changed there since I moved away and to be honest, when I saw a massive war ship parked behind my old home sim of Haug I was disgusted. Haug was the sim where I lived in Second Norway when I first discovered the beauty there and now I was sad to say, the beauty is gone. Everything has changed because of the huge, ugly airport and it might as well be called Second America now.
Gone were the little farm houses, and painted, cozy homes and log cabins and friendly European people and neighbors and in their places is a world of steel and glass where we buried the past!
Nothing ever lasts forever though and as I said before- Nobody ever just disappears!
As I left the area I slide through the gentle waters over into the relatively, new Brook Hill area. Very ritzy but very beautiful. A strange thing happened there too. I had barely left the Haug sim in Second Norway where I once lived with my ex-partner Guyke when I came across a beautiful home in Brook Hill which was Guyke's new home. I had to mention it because it was surreal meeting the old with the new.
I stopped for something to eat and drink in the little, main town of Brook Hill and then continued Kayaking into Sailors Cove and by the Rainbow Sails motorboat marina and then around Fishers Island and out to the Blake Sea.
Click on the pictures to enlarge. be continued...


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