Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lost Angels: A Journey Deep Into The Depths Of Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and The Flooded Sunken Hollywood Hills...The Lungs Of Hell

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After celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Second Pride and the 12th Anniversary of Second Life my wanderlust to roam consumed me tenfold and I bravely hopped aboard the dark, derelict train located at the entrance to the 12th Anniversary display sims and was unwillingly transported deep into the lungs of hell...or....thrust into the not so distant future of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles now referred to as LOST ANGELS!

Lost Angels:

Public carnivores hiding behind every wall, awaiting to lunge out to either eat you, rob you or rape you or a combination of all 3. It is not uncommon to watch your soul ascend to heaven as the mutants and animals feed on your flesh and blood below.

Time after time we never learn from our mistakes, when will we realize we're all just the same?
We're all humans, fighting human nature to stay alive
We are predators teaching our children to be just like us, fear and hate like us
Will we ever realize we're just savages? God, save us all

Knife fights in the streets are a common scene if you visit the right place at the right time., those fortunate enough are dead or at least lucky enough to still have guns and ammo. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten....will YOU survive the great horrors of Lost Angels?

This Journey continued Here.

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