Monday, June 15, 2015

Long Lake By Horseback...

While I am off on a week long kayak trip (which will be posted here soon), I thought I could repost some of older favorite trips and this was one of them...Long Lake at Calas Galadhon...

I took the scenic route starting in South Farling in mid afternoon with plenty of provisions and meandered through out the Dimrill Dale, Grey Havens, Mirrormere to the Misty Mountains and reached Long Lake and Armenelos by sunset.... Click on the pictures to enlarge.

I cannot possible visit the area without always stopping to see the memorial of some of our long lost, fallen but not forgotten friends. Ars Northmead and Marcus Steeplechase especially...I wish there was also a marker for my past buddies Hurtfulsplash and Avacar Bluestar. Avacar used to love going on excursions in his noob days and I miss him.

The sunset was beautiful as I passed through The Misty Mountains...

Before me....Long Lake...

I love deep, lush forest and I confess that when I used to own land I would strive to replicate what I could of some of the features and landscaping that Tymus and Truck have created here. I miss having my own land and creating landscaping and terraforming.
Of all the landscapes I love the most is deep forest.

As the birds began to slowly become silent only to be replaced by the deafening chorus of crickets I knew night was quickly approaching and so headed for the comfort of The Dolphin Cafe....
The Dolphin Cafe has regular live singers and performers grace their outdoor stage and hopefully I will catch one of the acts when I am not trapped in real life.

I hunkered down at the bar for a drink of wine or two before heading for a cozy bench by a roaring fire to rest my body and weary legs until I drifted into deep sleep.
What a great trip and what a gorgeous reward that awaited me at Long Lake... I think I might stay here for another day ;-)
Once again Tymus and Truck have outdone themselves and created a slice of heaven that no one else in Second Life can even come close to creating.The masters. Period!!!!
If you visit the sims please donate any amount of Linden to help them pay the enormous tier and to help keep the best place on Second Life alive. Their are donation boxes throughout the sims.

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::: TOXIC CANDY ::: said...

omg i didnt realize Hurtfulsplash had passed thats so sad i rember him from years ago at demonic night club :( such a lovely man