Monday, June 29, 2015

I Am Sailing...

The week of Second Pride's 10th Anniversary is over as well as the wonderful Second Life 12th Anniversary Party. Fun but can wear you down from all the partying. I did love it all this year as I always do but must be honest and admit that I was sort of disappointed this year. Not in Pride itself but the lack of support from many people. I did not see the large diversity as in the past and many people I call friends were never in attendance. I did not see the many different communities congregate to celebrate together as in the past. Oh well, their loss!
Now after I had fun this week I needed to go sailing...

The sound and smell of the salt water, the waves lapping on your boat, the sails flapping and the sound of seagulls and birds fill the air in a crescendo of  sound that swirls all around you, rises into the misty air to a fever pitch before becoming suddenly silent at times until a stray seagull discovers a fresh meal of fish floating in the bobbing current. The rising chorus of gulls then again rises to begin again in the frenzy and excitement. It is even more special when your laying on your boat, anchored and gazing up at the clouds and realizing all this is man made and created by the imagination of the residents.

Blake Sea (Rezz Zone):

I named my boat The Roaring Silence  because it is the only name I can think of that aptly describes the relaxing sound and atmosphere you get while sailing. Especially with a sail boat.
Kayaks and motorboats offer slightly different experiences but none equals the thrill of the wind flapping sails and spinnaker exploding full hilt.
I came up with the name one night while having coffee with an old friend named Kurt Davenport while sitting on our anchored sailboat watching the moon rise in the sky at 3 am.
As I type this I am anchored in that exact spot where we sipped coffee and I am experiencing brilliant sunshine, seagulls cursing me for disrupting their fishing spot and watching a happy man and a woman couple taking turns diving off the bow of their sailboat off in the distance.

The beautiful sunsets make sailing in the Blake Seas a very special memory making moment. I have many times cuddled with a loved one while watching the sunset before the night chill forced us under a blanket. We would giggle and touch under the blanket while wishing on the stars, the full moon and the sound of far off ocean liners sounding their horns of warning in the early morning fog.
As dawn approached a breakfast of fresh fish (of coarse) and coffee would invigorate us before raising sails and heading out again in the great unknown....

My sailboat has a living area, a bedroom and small kitchen so it is not unusual for me and/or my guests to spend a few days or a week living and sleeping under the stars in the great big sea.
Anchored down in a breathtaking spot in a private cove or even in the middle of nowhere with nothing but water everywhere.
When the time does come to return to the land we still have our memories of our sailing trips and the soul searching it provides. Only sailors know the feeling we get when we look to the west and our spirits are crying for leaving....

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