Monday, June 01, 2015

The Wind Has Changed Direction Again...

I like change. Any fan of this blog knows I change this blog so many times over the years that your head spins and you have to check to see if your actually on the right blog.
I had alot of stuff happen over the past few months and I feel my wandering, exploring roots are calling back out to me again, especially after this weekend of non-stop club hopping.
I missed the exploring. Not a 10 minute ride with a lover in a motorboat or yacht but a real 2 to 3 hour, getting lost, kind of adventure. I leave on a Monday and return the following Sunday, very tanned, wind blown hair, mosquito bites and sea salt in my eyes and a smorgasbord of snapshots to fill this blog...hey what a great idea....never thought of that before!
Let's call this new idea..."Over The Hills And Far Away" shall we....wanna come along?
Let's start here:

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