Thursday, May 28, 2015

Second Life Mesh Avatars: Sick and Tired Of It All....

I admit it. I think mesh avatars are somewhat of a failure and I am sick of it. They all look nice, great idea but especially with the Mesh project avatars-a complete failure and in my opinion a major rip off.
There are new mesh avatars appearing out of left field as I predicted a few posts back however they all have one thing in common which makes mesh avatars a major pain in the ass. They need tweaking and time consuming alpha layer adjustments with huds to get dressed. Not a quick solution either as sometimes it can take alot of tweaking and temper flare ups before you can wear your favorite clothing. I usually give up and just put my old, sexy avatar back on and get dressed in an instant.
Now back to the Mesh project which to me is the worst and now after all this time...a massive rip off.
No updates? None, nada while all the other mesh avatars are constantly trying to improve. They fail however also because they are all too big and muscly for most guys tastes.
The Mesh project shopping experience is horrific and when considering to go there to shop or look around I find I just can't be bothered to put on a white shopping hud and go to an all white crowded, laggy area where the hud blocks the screen. Why bother to struggle to shop in such a hostile environment and receive a migraine headache and eye strain for your efforts to figure their shit out. If that is not bad enough you need to exchange your Lindens for their ridiculous currency.
In my opinion the mesh avatars are killing the market on great clothing because if you have a mesh avatar only their marketed clothing will fit and the selection sucks and everyone looks like Eeka and Meeka , all dressed the same, same body, same AO, same ass, same tits all dancing on the same dance hud and looking like the plastic, gay Rockettes at Radio City Music hall.
Now without saying "Blaaaaa" to it all, the TMP avatars are the nicest looking and i do not find the others as nice looking so if the folks at TMP were clever they would overhall the shopping experience and update a better alpha Hud or something before their ego makes them fall behind and trampled underfoot like it seems to be now with all the new mesh avi's being released.
So for me, it is back to my old standard avatar which is ME and personal and not ugly by a long shot (coughs) and all my favorite, fabulous, mesh clothes, shoes, hats, gloves and parasols and when I wear a swimsuit or naked I will then just throw on an outfit already set up with my TMP avatar. No adjusting needed.
I mean come on, shirtless avatars are like cockroaches lately and sometimes it is nice to be dressed up in a nice shirt.
Oh and please don't get me started on a rant about those fucktards who say in their profiles that they only have sex or associate with mesh avatars. Your sick and need you head examined.

UPDATE: THP has announced an update is finally coming soon....


D r e y said...

<3 <3 <3
Loves Ziggy

Bock McMillan said...

LOL! I completely agree with you about the horrendous shopping experience you get at The Shoppes or whatever they call that store and the whole HUD-ordeal and exchanging to their currency is completely ridiculous, unnecessary and a total pain in the ass.

As always I love and agree with your rants!