Sunday, May 31, 2015

No More Relationships....

The Story So far....
I have a past and hide nothing. I have been with many wonderful men in partnerships during my SL since 2007. Many of these relationships have been documented on this blog throughout the years despite loosing some great pics and memories from 2014 with Drey Messmer when my blog crashed.
I started out with the name Rex Short, then became Rhett Whybrow and now finally Ziggy Starsmith.
I have been partnered to: Dazza12 Slade, Vanyel Gazov,  Larz Kas,  Ryuu Hoisan,  Kyle Beckett, Aeschylus Shepherd,  Holter,  Guke Lundquist,  Drey Messmer and Jesse (Jepie). I still keep in contact and good friends still with all but one or two. Some are still around, some left the grid or became alts but all wonderful men. I had a few boyfriends too. ;-)
The main reason many of the relationships failed was due to lack of online time and real life schedules whether mine or theirs and combinations of both.
I feel my times with these men were all different and wonderful in many ways but I feel it has run it's coarse. I am not ruling out the thought of ever partnering again because you can never say never but for me I think I need to be the Lone Wolf  - I always end up being. (Howls)
Ruling out relationships yes but ruling out sex and playtime NO! ;-)
Out of respect for my last relationship with Jesse I will not print negative comments and stories I have been bombarded with since we parted ways. I will also not post bad comments on any other past relationships. I know people are bitter when they split up but then that passes and the good memories remain. Dazza tought me so much in my early years from how to walk, get dressed and edit and even how to be a co-owner of his the Aussieboys Club. Vanyel showed me alternative lifestyles of fantasy and being elven and how to play on Second Life. he taught me how to landscape and terraform. Larz Kas was brought into Second life by me and taught the the things I had learned and now he is a successful club host and Slebrity (cough). Ryuu was a sweetie and yes he had a wicked temper but we had good times in my last days before I became Ziggy Starsmith. When I became Ziggy I swore to no relationships but then I met Mr Beautiful a.k.a Kyle Beckett. We even tried a threesome for awhile with Larz Kas hahahaha....
I met Shep when I was renting land from him and taught him about the damned, breedable horses. He got back into DJing at this time with a lot of coaxing from Larz Kaz and myself and now he is back in action and ready to open the party this year for Second Pride.
Holter was a wonderful yet gentle man. He taught me the joys of the motorcycle and live musicians and singers in Second Life and took me to many a great live singer concert from blues to rock and roll. I was a fool for loosing Holter. He was fairly noob at the time hehehe and I taught him a few things as well (cough). Hot yet Cold, Dry yet Wet, Nun yet.....
Then came Guyke...Guyke and I were 2 peas in a pod at the time. I miss the old Guyke but he changed alot. I had sworn off relationships yet again at the time but Guyke basically stalked me until I gave in and married him. It caused quite the controversy at the time because of the circumstances.
I think people mostly associate Guyke and I as the main relationship we both had because we were together the longest and also had the most dramatic wars with each other. People will always associate us together. We rocked the boat until......I met the very beautiful and sexy and forbidden Drey Messmer. He gave me no choice but to be seduced by him and after months of coaxing we partnered amidst vicious controversy and a firestorm of drama from others. lol. We had a baby together. His appetite was insatiable and sometimes I still um...tingle....What ruined that was him not coming online for weeks at a time then for some reason and I got the itch for Freedom....another regrettable divorce however. What a real man!
So after Drey I really, really swore that that was it. Don't look at me, don't touch me, I am free and wild. I was a furry for awhile. Sorry dude, not interested in your love, marriage or a baby carriage...
I flirted and dated and met some sexy, nice and not so nice guys and then looked up and saw Jesse dancing at the beach. The rest is history. Our schedules not coordinated enough and other stuff came into play and is hopefully now behind us and we can remain friends.
I think with all these wonderful men I have had the best and fantastic memorable experiences and I don't want to tarnish them now with anything new. Time for Ziggy the retired rock star from the seminal, Second Life, Punk Rock band - The DegeneRATS to live out the rest of his Second life as a single playboy. LMAO.
No more serious relationships but I am not dead be continued I am sure!