Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Story So Far!

Just a little catch up here and an up to date ditty...
Regarding my experimentation of The Mesh Project Avatar. I mainly wear my old, regular avatar lately because I miss my vast clothing collection and been just too lazy to try stuff on and alpha hud layer it. I use TMP avatar for naked and swimming and shirtless etc for obvious reasons. I just started missing some of my mesh clothes.
I love my new home in Muir Woods at The Pacific Coast Sims. The neighbors are all nice and extremely sexy and make me feel like I have died and gone to extra, beautiful avatar heaven. My long time buddies Garret and Kahvy Smith are my neighbors and we have naked Wednesday parties at their pool every week. I also met some other new neighbors PaulRB, Ford Denimore, Jude Cerna (the sim owner and one hell of a good looker ;-) and Link Garnet and Colt Ryder. They been extra nice to me in various ways and made me feel at home. There is a new sim opened up at The Pacific Coast called Santa Barbara Island and it has a few homes and plots still available for rent at fair prices, right on a sandy beach with a fantastic neighborhood setting. Mainly all gay men but all would be welcome if gay friendly. If interested in taking a look and maybe renting contact Jude Cerna in world or shoot me an I.M.

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Eddi Haskell said...

Ziggy, for some reason viewing mesh avatars has become very difficult - and I have a good system with an advanced NVIDIA 760 GTX card. Something is not working. What is the point of MESH if a good percent of people only see your head?