Monday, March 16, 2015

The Great Mesh Cloning Of The Second Life Male Avatar...

I am not saying Blaaaaaaa to mesh avatars I am just saying beware.
You know what I am talking about as it is all around us in Second Life.
The mesh avatar bodies are all the rage and everybody's doing it. If you not doing it then you haven't done it and your not trendy or cool. Ohhhhhhhhh feel the peer pressure?
The mesh bodies look nice, great asses, nips to die for but THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!
Look around the dance floor. Identical bodies with no shirts and different heads. Some tattoo's show most don't. As you rezz your naked with body parts floating around you. So much for a cool first impression!
Already I am beginning to see a backlash of avatars reverting back to their regular shapes just so they can continue wearing all their nice mesh clothing.
The mesh bodies are still in testing beta and cost a fortune. They should be paying us for the time and trouble and tinkering it takes to get these things working. One day, yes, I will succumb to a mesh body just like I was dragged kicking and screaming into mesh clothes and now I wear nothing but mesh clothes but to me they are just not ready yet, too difficult and frustrating to shop for and not working up to snuff. I still say give it 6 months until they get it right, get it better and give us more options.
I predict another company will rise out from left field and do it better!
As Antonio Toocool says "Botox Bodies"



Rusty Redfield said...

I'm with you on this one, Ziggy. I'll wait until I can get a mesh body that makes me look like I want to look ...

Eddi Haskell said...

I honestly do not think mesh avatars are necessarily better. Some look great but I think it is more due to resolution in skin textures. I could be wrong. When an avatar looks like a real human, which is not yet the case, then I will be convinced.

Antonio said...

they all look same! and the faces look like a truck bumped in their face LOL, and yes botox ! xxx