Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Cloning Of Ziggy

Hell froze over today as I decided to try, experiment and explore my personal, forbidden fears of The Mesh Project body for men.
I had tried and experimented with the free demo version they give you at "The Shops" of The Mesh Project so I sort of knew what to do and what I would be dealing with.
I made my way there and despite the horrific white on white store design combined with a white hud I managed to get all my shit together and purchased the deluxe version. It comes with chest hair, skin tones etc etc and an alpha hud which is a genius method to wear normal mesh clothes and have the ability to hide the bulgy parts that show through. I did not expect this and it was a wonderful feature and swayed this mesh body experiment to my liking.
All in all because I had previous knowledge of what to do with skin tones and neck faders etc I was ready to go in 30 minutes with another 30 minutes to make some outfits and presets to the alpha hud. (Another great feature).  I was convinced. The mesh project avatar looked good but I still needed to tweak and see if I could de-clone myself a little.
I had some prim chest hair and pubes and added them (got this idea from Garrett Smith) and made myself look like I always did but better. I admit I might have been wrong. You can have the mesh project avatar and still be somewhat unique and individual. With small tweaks here and there I could wear a majority of my regular mesh clothes. My favorite boots fit and my Xbolt Favorite jeans.
There are some bugs and yes I had one issue where I reverted to all white but a relog fixed it and that might have been a Second Life issue.
All in all I do like the Mesh Project Male avatar and admit I was too quit to criticize it without a thorough testing.
I thank Larz Kas for convincing me to buy it and paying for it as a gift and Garrett Smith and Kahvy Smith for showing me options and discussing it all to convince me.