Saturday, March 07, 2015

Party At Terra Lascivus Gay Resort With DJ Wes Spengler

Finally have some spare time from real life with 5 days and nights off. My first happening was at the scenic  Terra Lascivus Gay Resort

DJ Wesley Spengler played the tunes and there was a very special appearance by a rare, shirtless visit from Coverboy who is rarely seen without a shirt despite the pleas and begging of party goers ;-)
AS you can see there were some other hotties in attendance as well but Coverboy stole the show lol.
Yes I tease Coverboy because I know he can take it....Go ahead and drink it in!
 (Below L to R: Antonio and Shirtless Coverboy)

(Below L to R: Kharissa and Larz)

(Below: Crito the Club Owner) He is shirtless. Very lick-able as well.

(Below: The sexy Brian)

(Below: Me)

(Below: Larz with almost no shirt)

(Below: Kharissa with over shoulder boulder holders)

(Below Nikita)

(Below: The very sexy Spanki who would not allow me to spanki his ass)

Shirts were flying off once Coverboy disrobed.

(Below: Centipede 2 before the surgery)

(Below: Shirtless Wes. You can clearly see he has erect nipples)

(Below: OMG a rare shirtless pic of Coverboy.) Drink it only with your eyes :-)

(Below: Antonio Toocool was not impressed with Coverboy flaunting his man boobies)

(Below: More rare picture of Coverboy shirtless to prove that yes indeed he does have nipples.)  hehehe

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